2008 Shell Gas Station

Olsze travellers’ service center (MOP) Olsze

By implementing a project for Shell Polska on the A1 motorway in Olsze Wschód travellers’ service center, ARKOP showed that it is able to meet international standards in the area of gas stations. This project is one of almost 60 stations and 4 service centers on the A1 and A2 motorways constructed for this fuel company.

The works were carried out in the scope of:
– Lowering the level: 7,553.00 m³
– Cobblestone road surfaces in the area: 3,033.04 m²
– Including the asphalt surface of the highway parking lot in the traffic system
– Tight concrete slabs under passenger shelters and trucks: 421.00 m²
– Electrical connection of LV network: 340.00 m
– Water supply connection PE pipe fi160: 18.00 m
– Sanitary and rainwater sewage connections and networks with oil separators made of PVC pipes fi160 – fi250 in the amount of: 401.53 m
– Fuel tank installation: 3 pieces
– LPG tank installation: 1 piece
– Foundations of tank slabs, shop, passenger and truck shelters and company signs (advertising pylon, concrete monolith)
– Construction of the station building including finishing works: 242.8 m²
– Creation of a piezometer monitoring network
– Coordination of investor works and deliveries

The contract value was: PLN 3,147,964.28 net

ARKOP 9 Realizacje 9 2008 Shell Gas Station Olsze travellers’ service center
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