The market position we have achieved is confirmed by the prestigious awards and honors we get every year.

As a well-proven and reliable general contractor, we are proud of the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate. We have received the distinction of the National Labor Inspectorate “Build safely”. Our projects have been appreciated many times in the “Construction of the Year” competition; we also received a distinction in the “Eagles of Polish Construction” competition. It was a great honor to be included in the Forbes Diamonds ranking.

Trustworthy Company Certificate 2023

Family Business Forum – 2023

Distinction in the Forbes monthly ranking

Business Champion

Symbol of Polish Construction – 2021

VIP – Year 2021

Eagles of Polish Construction – 2020

in the development services category

Diamond of the 30th anniversary of Polish Transformation 2020

Forbes Monthly Diamonds – 2017

Business VIP

2017 and 2018

Honorable mention in the

“Beautiful Wrocław” competition held by Mayor of Wrocław – 2012

2nd place in the ranking
Diamenty Forbesa – 2011

1st Prize in the
“Beautiful Wrocław” competition held by Mayor of Wrocław – 2011

Honorable mention in
Eagles of Polish Construction 2010 competition

2nd degree award in
Construction of the Year 2010 competition

3rd degree award in
Construction of the Year 2009 competition

Quality Certificate
ISO 9001:2000 since 2002

Gold medal for the best product at the International Fuel Fair – 1999

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