2023 Develia S.A.

Wrocław, ul.Cynamonowa

  • Number of above-ground floors: 5

  • Number of underground floors: 1

  • Total above-ground area: 10,468.69 m²

  • Total underground area: 4,829.59 m²

  • Usable floor area: 7,282.02 m²

  • Number of apartments: 114 units

  • Number of parking spaces: 139 units in the underground garage

    At Lipie Piotrowskie, on Cynamonowa Street 42, Arkop completed a residential building project commissioned by the investor Develia S.A. The building consists of III floors with a mezzanine, two staircases, and an underground garage.
    The underground part was constructed using reinforced concrete technology, while the above-ground part was built using mixed technology with filigree floors.
    The building has a flat roof, on which there are 2 photovoltaic installations.

ARKOP 9 Realizacje 9 2023 Develia S.A. Wrocław, Cynamonowa Street
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