2020 Arkop

Family Maślice III

In the Wrocław-Fabryczna district, on Maślicka str., ARKOP has completed the third stage of the project in the Maślice housing estate. Three three-story buildings offer a total of 218 apartments of various sizes and layouts, which significantly enriches the local real estate market. Ground-floor apartments are decorated with green terraces, and those on higher floors have balconies and mezzanines. The project also includes an underground parking with individual rooms for two-wheelers and above-ground parking spaces. An additional advantage is a green patio with paths, benches and a playground. Modern, silent elevators and an internal patio with a playground for children complete the entire image, having proved the variety of ARKOP’s competences in the area of housing construction.

ARKOP 9 Realizacje 9 2020 Arkop Family Maślice III
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