2008 TESCO Polska

Brzeg Dolny

ARKOP built a commercial and service pavilion for TESCO Polska in Brzeg Dolny, on Jerozolimskie ave. The entire project, with an area of 3,202 m², was carried out by general contractor. The project was completed in early 2008. This is one of our seven projects implemented for the TESCO network, which proves the trust our company enjoys in the trade sector.

The scope of work included the construction of:
– Sales hall with a steel and reinforced concrete structure in a system casing, equipped with the following installations: water, hydrant, sanitary, rainwater, ventilation, air conditioning and heating: 3,202 m²
– Roads and sidewalks with a concrete pavement: 3,912 m²
– Sanitary sewage system made of PVC pipes with a diameter of 160 to 250 mm: 271 m

ARKOP 9 Realizacje 9 2008 TESCO Polska Brzeg Dolny
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