2006 Neptunus Production Hall

Wrocław, Wołowska str.

In 2006, ARKOP demonstrated its competence in the area of industrial construction, being responsible for the general contracting of a production hall with an office and social part for NEPTUNUS LLC in Wrocław. With an area of 2,397 m² and a volume of 17,696 m³, the company focused on providing functional solutions for the needs of production and employee comfort.

  • Hall with steel structure, casing – sandwich panels with polyurethane filling
    • Usable area: 2,397 m²
    • Volume: 17,696 m³
  • Road with concrete surface: 2,568 m²
  • Entrance with asphalt concrete surface: 89 m²
  • Internal installations: sanitary, electrical, central heating, mechanical ventilation, gas boiler room
  • Sanitary and rainwater sewage connections
  • External networks: water supply, sanitary, rainwater, lighting
ARKOP 9 Realizacje 9 2006 Neptunus Production Hall Wrocław, Wołowska str.
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